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The Concept

– High-end cocktails with a no-nonsense classic approach – 

In the 1920s, America attempted to ban the production and sale of alcohol, thereby banning alcohol consumption from the United States. No need to say they failed considerably. Throughout the country secret bars appeared in no time, accessible through bookcases, floor hatches and hidden doors, only for those who knew of it. The so-called Speakeasy bars. 

When we were forced to build our bar in a former stockroom in Groningen, logically we used the mysterious vibe of this era as source of inspiration. We managed to create a place like no other. At The Stockroom, we serve the finest drinks by using top quality products. Classic cocktails as in the roaring 20’s, provided with a seasonal twist.

Expect high-quality service and hospitality, from bartenders who understand how to deliver guests a unique experience.

Beeldmerk The Stockroom

Meet our bartenders

The faces behind the concept? Certainly not the least, has to be said. Together they combine hospitality, knowledge and experience, mastering their discipline to perfection. We will introduce them to you briefly.

Erik Beeftink

Erik Beeftink

After gaining a few years of experience in hospitality at restaurant André Dokter, Erik discovered his passion for cocktails. He then decided to study at the highly regarded ‘International Bartender School’ in Sydney, where they prepared the always cheerful professional for this new adventure; running his own business.

Lennart Deddens

Lennart Deddens

A well-known name in the Dutch bartender scene. Lennart’s cocktailian career started in 2007, at The Dominican design hotel in Brussels. After a period as head bartender at Groupe Yves Mattagne (famous chef in Belgium), he moved back to his hometown to join the team of Mr. Mofongo, to set-up the cocktail bar and distillery. During his time there, he won the ‘Entree Best Bartender of The Netherlands’ competition and was elected bartender of the year in 2016 by fellow bartenders. In addition of being co-owner of The Stockroom, he is also one of the 3 faces behind Boilermaker, a brand activation company for premium spirit and beer brands and BOEL, the jeu de boules bar in Groningen.

Manolis Anastasiou
Manolis Anastasiou

Manolis Anastasiou

This handsome fella is our head bartender. The most cheerful bartender you’ll find in the entire city. Athens is the place where he learned about the craft. Since then, Manolis is capable of delivering high-quality service like no other. More loyal to The Stockroom than a German Shepherd to its owner, more creative in composing our menu than Van Gogh during his best years and working harder than a navy seal on a mission to deliver all our guests the best cocktail experience in town.

Kyprianos Isaakidis

Kyprianos Isaakidis

Kyprianos Isaakidis

Kyprianos Isaakidis

When Kyprianos is at his duty, you better be aware. This student in Computer Science is the absolute king of word jokes, and not afraid to use it whenever he can. Don’t let this fool you, because hospitality is his second nature. In a short period of time, he has developed his cocktailian skills like no other. Always willing to work and always thinking of the well-being of our guest. Pay attention Greece, a new god has risen!

A glimpse of our menu

Get in the mood via this small preview of our cocktail menu. Ofcourse, we’ve got lots of other variants inside, combined with quite some delicate dishes when you feel like it.



Hendricks Gin, Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, Vanilla & Honey Tasting Notes: Floral, Dry & Slightly Sweet

You say Tomato


Nuestra Soledad Mezcal, Picon Bière, Hooghoudt Star Anise, Peroni, Lime & Tomato Tasting Notes: Smokey & Bitter-Spiced

Odin’s Martini


Copenhagen Dill & Anise Aquavit, Lillet Blanc & Italicus Bergamotto Tasting Notes: Spirit forward, Sweet & Herbal

Fleurs du mal


Monkey Shoulder Blended Whisky, Kumquats, Hibiscus & Dandelion Tasting Notes: Spirit Forward, Grainy, Fruity & Floral

Dilly Dilly


Fio do Bigode Cachaça, Suze, Dill & Lime Tasting Notes: Sour, Bitter & Fresh

Ticket to the Tropics


Plantation Pineapple Rum, Creme de Banane, Campari, Coffee, Pineapple & Lime Tasting Notes: Tropical, Fruity, Bitter-Sweet & Sour